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Bloodline Champions FREE Game

I came across this video on Youtube and it really intrigued me as an action game inspired in part by WoW. I haven’t played it but am interested in giving it a try.

The Gate Stormers Blog Goes Live

Previously we announced The Gate Stormers podcast and now we’re happy to say their blog is live. It experienced a few hiccups at first resulting in downtime of roughly a day. But, it is now fully operational. They’re using a great theme by The Cloisters, who are sadly going out… Read More»

CWF Game Cast Episode 47: 12-7-Games and War at Sea With Bill Dettmers

Host Jonathan J. Reinhart explains Tom Barbalet’s absence for this episode. He introduces Bill Dettmers, CEO and Owner of, for this special episode of the podcast. As owner of, Bill is the one who orchestrated the sponsorship of the CWF Game Cast and Monty and the Fox’s Wargaming… Read More»

Wanted: New England Gaming Events

Attention Game Store Owners, Convention Organizers, and Gamers. We want to promote the businesses you love, the games you play, and the cons you attend. Please share information on New England gaming events with us. In particular we’d love to know about tournaments, pre-releases, and weekly game sessions open to… Read More»

The Gate Stormers Podcast Debuts February 2011

The Gate Stormers is a brand new gaming podcast from southeastern Massachusetts run by my friend Drew McCarthy. Drew has been a long time friend and fan of this blog and podcast. He loves to game and was inspired enough by what we do to make his own podcast. Drew… Read More»