Arcane Challenge Painting Competition

The above banner says it all, well except the details. Arcane Miniatures, a British mini company, is running this painting competition. Find the deadline and prizes below. For detailed submission and judging information go to Arcane Challenge Painting Competition. Click the individual listed prizes for pics.

Deadline: October 31, 2007

The Prizes:

1st Prize: £150.00 (~$306.51) worth of vouchers to spend on the Arcane Miniatures website, plus a resin Cynwall Titan Dragon! (Valued @ $280) manufactured by Rackham, this is universally acknowledged as one of the finest large scale creatures available and is a worthy challenge for any competition winner!

2nd Prize: £50.00 (~$102.17) worth of vouchers to spend on the Arcane Miniatures website, plus a copy of WOTC Starship Battles Starter Set (Valued @ $40) – relive the thrills of everyone’s favorite sci-fi trilogy in this fantastic collectible game. Fire at will, commander!

3rd Prize: £25.00 (~$51.09) worth of vouchers to spend on the Arcane Miniatures website, plus a Rackham Confrontation ‘Kyrus’ (Valued $13) blister pack. Kyrus was a limited edition figure produced by Rackham and is now out of production. Will this be highly sought after on eBay? Wouldn’t want to bet against it!

Vouchers are redeemable at any time against purchase made on this website. No cash equivalents / alternative prizes are available

New Hordes Sneak Peeks

Here’s some new Hordes sneak peeks for Mercs, Legion of Everblight, and Skorne. Click the pics for a closer look.

Skorne Immortals

Everblight Incubi

Mercenaries Feralgeist

The Conversion Vault: 40k Chaos Sorcerer

Here’s one from our Conversion Vault. A 40k Chaos Sorcerer with some flair. I know the new models are out making now the perfect time to spruce up your old models. You must have a Chaos Sorcerer laying about. Grab him and you can make him look like the guy below. Click the pics for a closer look.

MiniPainters to Make Minis

MiniPainters, the famed painting message board, is expanding into making models.

Their first mini is called Havard the Half Seen.  So far all they have are concept sketches and a prototype in the green sculpt stage.  But, it looks nice.

He’s expected for November 2007 and your pre-order, just $12 or 6 GBP, nets you a numbered limited edition certificate too.

When you’re done drooling over the below pics, head over to the official MiniPainters Model Havard the Half Seen site to place your pre-order.

Damnatus 40k Movie Petition Vid

Damnatus is the biggest, most publicized fan movie set in the Warhammer 40k universe. At least, it would have been if GW didn’t have to protect their IP, or lose them under British copyright law. So, they banned all fan films. [start sarcasm]Way to go GW![/end sarcasm]

Here’s the Youtube Damnatus Petition vid. If you want to sign the petition here’s the Petition Link. 5000 and growing!

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