New Poll Debates The “Right” Price for Clix Games

We just unveiled a new weekly poll to initiate a debate on the “right” price for clix games. Collectible games are very costly. Clix, collectible minis, and collectible cards use the “gotta get them all” mentality thereby leeching all availability money from hapless gamers looking to get their fix.

I am a collectible gamer and I spend far too much money on collectible games. Their shiny pre-paintedness, the fun poses, the easiness of it all and playing out of box with little effort draws me in. Give the clerk money, rip open box, analyze contents, read rules, play game. This sequence takes far less time than one expects yet costs bundles of greenbacks in the long run.

You can be heard by voting in the poll (booster = 5-7 minis)!


The Conversion Vault: 40k Cadian Rough Riders

Here’s one from our Conversion Vault.  A 40k Cadian Rough Rider with some real mobility. With Apocalypse now out take the time to update your IG with this great conversion.  Click the pics for a closer look.

I Play Stellar on Guitar Hero

This is one of the first vids I ever made and put on YouTube. I try to play Stellar on Guitar Hero for the PS2. It is Medium difficulty, my first time playing this song at that level, and well I mess up a few times. Still, I think it is worth the sharing here. Please, be gentle with your mockery.

Protest Video Game Regulation

The Video Game Voters Network, advocates for the rights of video gamers and anti-gov’t regulation, have taken another step in their fight to protect video games.

“We want to help make a powerful statement to politicians and video game critics, since the words of gamers, developers, citizens, lawyers, and federal judges do not seem to be getting through, so we’ve decided to try something even simpler, pictures. Lot’s of them!

This is how you can help. Join their Wall of Protest and post a picture of you holding a sign protesting the government regulation of video games.