Foray into Tomb Kings w/ Tutankhanut Conversion

Greetings guys and gals!

As most of you won’t know I’m really into Warhammer Fantasy. I have several armies, all listed on our About Team CWF page, and I want to start another. I chose the Tomb Kings.

When I started Vampire Counts, I field an Army of Sylvania group, I vowed to customize and convert my models. The Undead beg it and Tomb Kings are no different. I want to have a spectacular model to use as a Tomb King on foot, and I can also mount him in a chariot too, when I came across an article in Black Gobbo 31.

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Pre-Painted Models Way of Future for Starship Troopers

This is an URGENT posting. I found out today, on very good information like so good I can’t tell you the how or why but I can tell you this is 210% FACT and WILL happen, that Mongoose Publishing is drastically changing how it handles its Starship Troopers Miniatures game. You can also check out the SST Evolution Thread @ MGP Website for more information and reactions.

They are unhappy with how their models have been coming out, of particular note the company is unhappy with their Skinnies models, and will NOT be releasing anything new for the rest of 2006. Existing models will continue production but that’s that.

They are also canceling the entire Starship Troopers game as we know it. In its place will be a new rules system. The existing rules were devised by Andy Chambers and are some of the best rules I’ve ever had the pleasure to play with. The new rules system will be called Battlefield Evolution and will come out in January 2007.

Battlefield Evolution will take place 5-10 years from present day. You’ll get to use real world soldiers and everything, based off the SST rules system with some changes. The main difference is that ALL the models will come pre-painted. Mongoose says that the models will be painted to a “90%” higher quality than existing pre-painted minis.

They released the following photos of two tanks as proof of their claim.
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CWF-2006-08-27 Impromptu Solo-cast w/GW Army Book Release Dates

Apologies for the rough nature of today’s cast. It was originally canceled due to family obligations on Angron’s part and political obligations on mine. At the last moment I was able to throw this together and figured people would prefer that over nothing. I share my thoughts on the rumored release dates for new GW army books.

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Next cast will be a Solo-Cast w/Jonathan on Thursday, August 31, 2006.

No Duo-Cast Today Solo-Cast Today

Our apologies for the lack of a podcast today. Angron was called away on family obligations and I’ve been called away on political duties.

Please check back for the next scheduled Duo-Cast on next Sunday. We’re really sorry for the delay.

There will be a podcast today. It will be a solo-cast with Jonathan. I threw this together at the last moment and I apologize for the roughness of it.

First Duo-Cast w/co-Host Angron from the UK @ August 28, 2006

Unfortunately the first Duo-Cast was postponed until Sunday, September 3, 2006.

Hi Guys and Gals!

I want to remind all of you that this Sunday, August 28, 2006 the first Duo-Cast with co-host Angron from the UK will take place.

We will discus a variety of topics and even anticipate discussing Dark Age Games.

In the last podcast I spent some more time on 7th edition of WFB. I talked about anticipated release dates for new army books. Since then I’ve come across a reliable release date list for all GW games, WFB & 40k & LoTR, until 2009.

Check out that list at Games Workshop Release Dates Until 2009 because we’ll discuss it in an upcoming podcast.

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