Tale of X Gamers-Howling Griffons

The beginning of my budgeted army are two tactical space marine squads. I choose to do the howling griffons chapter due to the difficulty of the color scheme. Both tactical squads contain 10 marines, one plasma riffle and one veteran sargent. One veteran sargent uses a power fist and bolt pistol, the other a power weapon and bolt pistol.

The first tactical squad is finished, which is the one lead by the power fist sergeant. I also recently stumbed upon an old Librarian I was not using and decided to make use of the model and make him into a howling griffon.

Warvault Goes Down, Hackers Triumph….or Do They?

Warvault Owner, Angron, announced today that Warvault has experienced downtime caused by hackers exploiting a hole in PHP.

The exploitation has allowed the hackers to run their own software. In defense Warvault’s web hosting company has closed the site down until a fix is implemented.

The Warvault team is hard at work to fix this issue. They’ve asked for YOUR help! Here’s how:

If you are an experienced coder with time enough to perhaps throw your hand in to examine what exactly has gone wrong here and the means with which to help us repair it, please, get in touch. Same goes for knowing a coder of being able to put us in touch with one!

Angron also said, “I have noticed worryingly erronous vote patterns for a few, unnamed, sites. If you are the owner of this site and are aware that there is something wrong, or indeed are exploiting a hole in Evo Topsites in order to up your vote count, own up.” He promises that he won’t ban the site that owns up. He just wants to get Warvault back on its feet.

If you can either help or know someone who can please contact Angron at contact@warvault.net.

If you know who the hackers are please contact Angron at contact@warvault.net.

If you are a hacker exploiting Warvault, please stop and grow up.

40k Sized Forgeworld Tau Manta Released

Today, in its newsletter, Forgeworld (FW) announced the release a fully-working and usable 40k sized Tau Manta.  The model is 25 inches long with a wingspan of 34 inches. It is the largest Games Workshop (GW) model ever produced! It weighs roughly 28 lbs without the included Tau “army” loaded.


The kit includes:

  • 1 Gigantic Tau Manta Model (w/ fully-detailed and usable interior of 2 decks)
  • 48 Resin Seated Fire Warriors
  • 1 Resin Seated Ethereal
  • 6 Gun Drones
  • 2 Hammerheads
  • 2 Devilfish
  • 8 Battlesuits

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TXG – Tomb Kings Rising from the Sands

Hello one and all. This is your friendly neighborhood ^Raven^ reporting in. This is my first post about my army for CWF Game Discussion’s Inter-System Tale of X Gamers.

I am collecting a Tomb Kings army for Warhammer Fantasy Battles. My short-term goal is 1,000pts with my long-term goal being 2,000pts.

For the first month, September 2006, I have $75 USD to spend. Tomb Kings rely on their General and Hierophant to keep the army undead and going. At 1,000pts I can have no more than 3 heroes. This means I can choose between Tomb Prince, Icon Bearer, and Liche Priest entries from the army book.

Tomb Kings (TK) also rely, heavily, on their Core troops. In the first few months I’ll want to purchase my leadership and some Core units.
Below are my purchases:

September 2006 (1st Month, Startup $$)

1 Liche Priest Blister – $7.50

1 Tomb King Blister – $5

Total (without tax) – $12.50 with $50 left.

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Dawn of War – Dark Crusade Demo Released

For all you Dawn of War fans out there, of which I’m one, the demo for the newest expansion has been released.

The new expansion is Dark Crusade, which allows gamers to control the Tau Empire and Necrons.

Go to Dark Crusade Demo to download.  Just a warning that it is 308.5 MB in size.

I’ve just downloaded it and am in the process of installation.  I’ll update this posting after I’ve played it a bit.  I should have some screenshots, then, to share too!