TXG – Tomb Kings Rising from the Sands

Hello one and all. This is your friendly neighborhood ^Raven^ reporting in. This is my first post about my army for CWF Game Discussion’s Inter-System Tale of X Gamers.

I am collecting a Tomb Kings army for Warhammer Fantasy Battles. My short-term goal is 1,000pts with my long-term goal being 2,000pts.

For the first month, September 2006, I have $75 USD to spend. Tomb Kings rely on their General and Hierophant to keep the army undead and going. At 1,000pts I can have no more than 3 heroes. This means I can choose between Tomb Prince, Icon Bearer, and Liche Priest entries from the army book.

Tomb Kings (TK) also rely, heavily, on their Core troops. In the first few months I’ll want to purchase my leadership and some Core units.
Below are my purchases:

September 2006 (1st Month, Startup $$)

1 Liche Priest Blister – $7.50

1 Tomb King Blister – $5

Total (without tax) – $12.50 with $50 left.

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Dawn of War – Dark Crusade Demo Released

For all you Dawn of War fans out there, of which I’m one, the demo for the newest expansion has been released.

The new expansion is Dark Crusade, which allows gamers to control the Tau Empire and Necrons.

Go to Dark Crusade Demo to download.  Just a warning that it is 308.5 MB in size.

I’ve just downloaded it and am in the process of installation.  I’ll update this posting after I’ve played it a bit.  I should have some screenshots, then, to share too!

CWF-2006-09-03 Duo-Cast w/Andy Chambers’ Thoughts on Starship Troopers Change; Dark Age Games Too!

This is our first Duo-Cast with Angron, I promise. We are talking about Dark Age Games and the new direction of Starship Troopers. We also have to apologize for the echo when ^Raven^ speaks.

There was a problem with the file and Angron provided a backup, that unfortunately had the echo due to inferior British engineering. We jest about the last part, seriously, but Angron did provide the backup.

We hope to have this fixed for the next Duo-Cast.

Also, Andy Chambers offers some comments on the change with Starship Troopers through Angron (they talked via instant messenger). We hope to have an actual podcast interview with Mr. Chambers in the future.

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Next cast will be a Solo-Cast w/Jonathan on Thursday, September 7, 2006.

Inter-System Tale of X Gamers Unveiled

We are unveiling the first ever CWF Game Discussions Inter-System Tale of X Gamers (TXG). Anyone can participate in this massive undertaking.

Everyone has heard of Tale of X Gamers, a bunch of guys get together and have monthly spending limits as they build an army while talking about it, and our’s has a twist.

Most TXG are for one system. Normally, a bunch of people are starting Babylon 5 fleets and they all do this together. We’re doing it differently. You can be starting an army for any game system. All you have to do is follow the rules and then post here your progress, purchases, and etc each month.


1) The first rule of TXG is you do not talk about TXG.

2) The second rule of TXG is you do not talk about TXG.

Haha, just kidding. But seriously, here’s the rules.


1) You are allowed to spend no more than $75 USD for the first month. This is your startup money.

2) You are allowed to spend no more than $40 USD for each month thereafter.

3) You can spend less than the above limits but you cannot spend more.

4) Any unspent money can be carried over to the following month. This is great to do if you have a big purchase you want to make.

5) You can collect any army for any system at any points level. I’m collecting a 1k Tomb Kings army for WFB. Steve is collected 1,850pts of Howling Griffons for 40k. The choices are limitless.

6) You must post no less than 1 time each month. Your post must say what you bought/intend to buy, how much $$ you spent and how much you will have left, and what you did. I.e. what you assembled, painted, converted, and how you did it such as colors used and etc. You are encouraged to post as often as you want and to include photos.

7) You are encouraged to write fluff for your army and to adapt the fluff to your purchases and vice versa. This is not a requirement.

That’s it!

To sign up for posting abilities please go to CWF Game Discussions Registration.


Contact me via e-mail at jreinhart (at) gmail (dot) com, via AIM at cwforums, or via Skype at cwforums.

Listening to the Podcast; Easier than Ever w/ New Plugin

Tonight we installed a plugin that will make listening to the podcast easier than ever. The plugin allows us to directly embed each podcast into the post with its shownotes.

Scroll to the bottom of each post and you’ll see something that says Listen Now. You can use that area to listen to the podcast, it’ll stream to you. There’s also a button to download the podcast to your PC.

This plugin also tells you the exact playing time for the podcast. We have gone through all the podcast entries and implemented this.
We will continue to put the links at the top of the show notes to download the podcast. But, this plugin makes our life easier and we may eventually rely on this.

It saves a lot of time an effort, which means we can put more quality time into the podcast. That will improve the show and also allow us to produce shows more frequently.

If you encounter difficulties please contact ^Raven^. Go to Contact ^Raven^ & Angron to find out how to contact them.