Tale of X Gamers Rules Updated

The rules have been updated because of the release of Warhammer Fantasy 7th edition.  We feel that participants shouldn’t have to include the cost of rulebooks and army books in their monthly expenditures.

This has been updated in the rules below.  See #5.

  1. You are allowed to spend no more than $75 USD for the first month. This is your startup money.
  2. You are allowed to spend no more than $40 USD for each month thereafter.
  3. You can spend less than the above limits but you cannot spend more.
  4. Any unspent money can be carried over to the following month. This is great to do if you have a big purchase you want to make.
  5. Rulebooks and army books do not come out of your funds.  They’re a FREEBIE!
  6. You can collect any army for any system at any points level. I’m collecting a 1k Tomb Kings army for WFB. Steve is collected 1,850pts of Howling Griffons for 40k. The choices are limitless.
  7. You must post no less than 1 time each month. Your post must say what you bought/intend to buy, how much $$ you spent and how much you will have left, and what you did. I.e. what you assembled, painted, converted, and how you did it such as colors used and etc. You are encouraged to post as often as you want and to include photos.
  8. You are encouraged to write fluff for your army and to adapt the fluff to your purchases and vice versa. This is not a requirement.