CWF-2006-09-07 Solo-Cast w/ Tale of X Gamers & Horror Clix

Today we mix things up by discussing Horror Clix and our unique Intra-System Tale of X Gamers. ^Raven^ tells all in today’s cast.

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1) Theme, Zombie by Devin Anderson (Electronic)

2) Thursday September 7, 2006, CWF Game Discussions Podcast, Welcome, name, Tale of X Gamers, Horror Clix.

3) Discuss Inter-System Tale of X Gamers

Tale of X Gamers Posts @ CWF

Tale of X Gamers Rules Update @ CWF

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6) Discuss Horror Clix

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8) Closing comments, next cast will be a Duo-Cast w/^Raven^ & Angron on September 10, 2006.

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Next cast will be a Duo-Cast w/^Raven^ & Angron on September 10, 2006..