Podcast Equipment – We Can Cast in the Field

To grow beyond our existing setup and expand the possibilities we’ve purchased new equipment. This equipment will allow us to podcast out in the field away from our equipment at my house.

New Equipment

We purchased an iRiver IFP799 mp3 player and a Sony Digital ECM-MS907 Electret Condensor Microphone.

We are very excited about this new equipment for all the possibilities that come with it. The iRiver IFP-799 has been touted amongst podcasting circles as a great buy. It has 40 hours of battery life and 1GB of storage. Our average podcasts are 20 minutes long = about 20 MB. That means we can get 5 casts stored on the iRiver IFP-799 before we have to save it onto a computer. This will come in really handy for cons or events such as when Alex Fennell, owner of Mongoose Publishing, comes to Danger Planet Games this October.

The Sony ECM-MS907 comes highly recommended by CC Chapman, host and producer and podcaster of Accident Hash a show that features podsafe music. Any recommendation by him is good enough for us. He even said that the iRiver IFP-799 and the Sony ECM-MS907 were his initial setups. Hopefully we can put this equipment to 1/4 of the great use he has!

What Does This Mean For You?

Yay, we have new equipment but what does it mean for you? It means we are going to cover even more and share it with you first-hand! That event with Alex from MGP…yeah we’ll be there and we’ll podcast it. If you can’t be there you’ll feel as if you were. If you are there you’ll get to see it from a different point of view.

We’ll also be able to share local gaming events. There’s always a tourney or mega battle or something going on in Mass. Tomorrow morning Battleground is having a 300pt Horror Clix tourney. If we had this equipment now, we’re waiting for it to arrive in the mail, we could do a show on that. There’s always big Magic tourneys at Battleground on the weekends. Danger Planet has many events for Starship Troopers, Clix, 40k, Fantasy, and Flames of War. There’s 3 GW stores not too far (Harvard Sq being the best, there’s one in Natick too) so we can showcase events there. Up in Natick there’s a great new video game store with tourneys…yeah we can share that too.

Point is this new equipment will allow us to do a lot more. Instead of just talking about what is happening we can bring you to the action. We’re lining up gamers, just like you, to appear on our podcast to discuss a variety of games.

For the Geeks (Be Proud!)

New equipment? What’s the specs on them? I’m sure you understand this a lot more than us. We just know how to use it. Not the how or why. But, for those who truly want to know we have the specs below.

iRiver IFP-799 Review @ cNet

Sony ECM-MS907 Review @ cNet