War @ Sea: Back in Stock!

Tonight I have happy news. This Friday War at Sea will be instock at Battleground Games. I am sure that your FLGS will also have boosters and starters available for purchase by the end of this week.

When the game ran out of stock Wizards of the Coast promised that more product would be on store shelves in September. Not too long ago I was informed by Derek Lloyd, owner of my FLGS Battleground Games, that WoTC moved the date up to August.

This is great news for all of us. Those of us who got into the game on the late side can now get a full set. And collectors who want to reach those historical maximums now have a chance of getting the ships they need.

Although I do not know how much product will be at the FLGS near you, there will be 2 cases at Battleground, this is just the first of many shipments. War at Sea is now officially in stock and will be continually available for sale.

If you’ve never played War at Sea before use this chance to get an intro game from a veteran. If you like the game, why wouldn’t you, pick up a Starter and a couple Boosters to get going. You’ll be hooked before you know it.

This is also a prime time to start a new league or begin running tourneys. War at Sea is back in stock and happy days are here again.

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