WordPress 2.3.2 Update Complete

The CWF Game Cast has completed its update from its 2.3.1 version of WordPress to 2.3.2. Why do this, you may ask. Instead of trying to explain it all to you, the WordPress people did a great job of it already.

Please read WordPress 2.3.2 at the official WordPress blog. That explains all the reasons why we updated.

The upgrade went through without a hitch. Also today I picked up the January 2008 issue of White Dwarf, be sure to look for our Inside White Dwarf and White Dwarf Quick Picks articles coming soon, and it looks quite interesting. I’ll spend some time reading it on Sunday and Monday. Additionally, I finally purchased a World of Warcraft Playmat. I’ve been trying to get one for several months and even used some of my UDE Points to order a Fires of Outland Playmat back in November.

UDE Fires of Outland Playmat

But tonight I tired of the 4-6 week delivery time, as of tonight the playmat still has not been shipped, and picked up a March of the Legion Playmat at Battleground Games. It went for $24.95 and I don’t think that is too bad at all. I haven’t seen this one for sale online at all and I believe it was given out at regionals. I can’t wait to start using this playmat in my games. When my opponents see it they will know that Ta’zo is on his way. All fear the mighty Ta’zo. Yes, I can’t wait to use this mat. It will be quite nice.

March of the Legion Playmat