Monthly Archives: January 2009

War at Sea: Battle of the Bahamas Photo Gallery

At Battleground Games in Abington the Bahamas were invaded by the Axis powers in War at Sea on October 1, 2008.  They maintained a tentative hold on the island and desperately needed to usher reinforcements to solidify their gains.  The United States, leading the Allied powers, sent an invasion force… Read More»

Flames of War: Panzerkompanie Journal

At Battleground Games in Abington the historical gamers have been taking a break from Axis & Allies and War at Sea.  The store has at last begun stocking Flames of War. This is a great WWII miniatures game put out by Battlefront Miniatures in New Zealand.  I’ve had some stuff… Read More»

Combat Storm Free Download Sandbag Terrain

Last August we shared information on a new FREE building pack for Combat Storm. We even shared a video tutorial, crafted by Dave Reiter, to show you how to construct the buildings in the pack. Today I received another e-mail from Dave Reiter, one of the geniuses at Strategy Wave… Read More»