War at Sea: Condition Zebra Set List

If you’re anything like me, then you miss the set lists that Wizards used to include in the starter and booster boxes. With Condition Zebra they have printed the set list on the side of the booster. While this is nice to have it certainly doesn’t replace those great checklists.

Below you will find the complete War at Sea Condition Zebra Set List. Hopefully, someone will make a proper checklist that we can then share.

Collection # Name Rarity
1 HMCS Uganda Uncommon
2 Bearn Rare
3 D.520 Common
4 Lamotte-Picquet Uncommon
5 Provence Rare
6 V-156F Vindicator Common
7 Giorgios Averof Rare
8 Proteus Common
9 Vasilissa Olga Common
10 Witte de With Common
11 HMS Cossack Common
12 HMS Royal Oak Rare
13 HMS Victorious Rare
14 Sunderland Mk. 1 Uncommon
15 B-24D Liberator Uncommon
16 USMC F4U-1A Corsair Common
17 USS Allen M. Sumner (DD 692) Common
18 USS Houston (CA 30) Rare
19 USS Lexington (CV 2) Rare
20 USS S-37 (SS 132) Common
21 USS West Vriginia (BB 48) Rare
22 Arkhangelsk Rare
23 Vainamoinen Uncommon
24 Fi 167 Common
25 Gneisenau Rare
26 Nurnberg Rare
27 Z32 Common
28 Ascari Common
29 Caio Duilio Rare
30 Leonardo da Vinci Common
31 Trento Rare
32 Z.506B Airone Uncommon
33 Agano Uncommon
34 Chikuma Rare
35 Fuso Rare
36 Junyo Rare
37 Matsu Common
38 Murasame Common
39 N1K1-J “George” Common
40 Suzuya Rare

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