Editor’s Choice: 12-7-Games Review 96%

CWF Editor's Choice Award for Singles12-7-Games is an online retailer selling a handful of historical games and gaming supplies.  It is the second most popular vendor amongst Axis & Allies ForuMINI members. 12-7-Games both sponsors that community and provides special discounts to its members.

I was looking for an affordable vendor to purchase three singles to finish off my War at Sea: Condition Zebra collection.  I asked on the ForuMINI and was told to use the sponsors. One member said “try the sponsors, they’re the cheapest on the net.” Normally I purchase all of my War at Sea product from my friendly local game store, Battleground Games.  But, they don’t sell singles.

This review details my experience providing reflections based on my experience. I was not compensated for this review.  In fact, I’m never compensated for my reviews and if the day ever comes that I am or am given special review only product I will gladly say so at the start of the review.


I didn’t have a lot to go by when choosing 12-7-Games other than a smattering of discussion on the ForuMINI and whatever information existed on the vendor’s website.  All of the comments were good but not as enthusiastic as I hoped. I compared the prices for what I wanted with two eBay vendors, and the other two ForuMINI sponsors. I discovered that 12-7-Games had the best prices (combined with shipping).

The Order

Since the price was so good I submitted my order at 11:44 pm EST.  At 1:01 am I received an e-mail from the owner, Bill, thanking me for my business and stating that my order was packed (by him) and would be shipped as soon as the post office opened. This incredible customer service astonished me!

I have never received such efficient and speedy communication from a vendor in my 15+ years of online purchasing. Bill’s e-mail, complete with tracking number, sent me to bed a very happy man.


My order was shipped on July 2nd via USPS first class.  The order arrived on July 6th and I immediately opened it..


On arrival I opened the case and was disappointed by its condition. The ships were in perfect condition but the stat cards were mailed without any protection. The stat card for the Caio Duilio was significantly bent on the bottom right corner.

At first I was very upset and then I thought about it. Did this warrant contacting the vendor? I didn’t want to over-react but decided to e-mail Bill and mention the problem. Without batting an eye he sent me a replacement (I returned the damaged card) and gave me store credit that more than made up for the return postage and aggravation. Bill managed to send the replacement card (in a hard protective sleeve) and speedily handle the issue despite being out of state on business. He is a pro!


Ordering the singles was the simplest online transaction I’ve ever made. The customer service was better than every other online vendor I’ve used. The communication was efficient and speedy. Bill solved my problem in a quick and effortless manner.

The shipping time was good. It felt like forever because I anxiously wanted the three missing units. The reality is four days on the back end of a major holiday is nothing.  The downside is the cards were improperly packaged (Bill assured me they are normally in protective sleeves, but they had just run out and were waiting for their supply to arrive).


Price 10/10 $29.75 for one Caio Duilio, one Trento, and one West Virginia is incredible.  I could not find a cheaper price ANYWHERE when factoring shipping into the equation.

Value 9/10 The price for the product is exceptional.  One of three stat cards arrived damaged from improper packaging, which is not the norm. They are now restocked with protective card sleeves.

Customer Service 10/10 The Best Around Period.  They have the fastest communication I’ve ever experienced from a vendor. They also resolved the problem with the damaged stat card quicker, and more appropriately, than any other vendor I’ve ever used. To top it off they gave me store credit as an extra apology.

Shipping/Packaging 9/10 One part of the product arrived damaged.  This is the vendor’s fault because they ran out of supplies and are now fully restocked. Being shipped on the heels of a major holiday only hindered the speed. Yet, my order arrived reasonably fast.

Contentment 10/10 I am so happy with this vendor that I’d use them again and again. I can’t wait to use my store credit and would shop there whether I had that or not..

Overall 48/50 or 96% or A+

12-7-Games should be your first and only stop for ordering singles, War at Sea, and other historical games and hobby supplies online.  They have won our Editor’s Choice Award for Singles Purchasing.  If you are looking for a great online deal then consider 12-7-Games as your best option.

I was drawn in and ordered because of the low prices, and will come back because of the award winning (it should win one) customer service.  They really are exceptional and a great side effect is they sponsor my favorite War at Sea online forum theAxis & Allies ForuMINI.

If you do order from 12-7-Games please put a note saying you went there because of the CWF GameCast and also theAxis & Allies ForuMINI.

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  2. ^Raven^ Post author

    I received an e-mail from Bill, the owner of 12-7-Games about this review. He alerted me to one incorrect statement I made.

    I stated that 12-7-Games ran out of protective card sleeves, has since been resupplied, and also understated how often they use them for stat cards. I regret the error and apologize to all of you, to Bill, and to 12-7-Games’ customers (and potential customers).

    For Bill’s actual reply please see 12-7-Games Review Spurs Company Reply.

  3. ^Raven^ Post author

    Please note that subsequent to reviewing 12-7-Games the CWF Game Cast is proudly sponsored by 12-7-Games. We were not paid to write the review and the sponsorship took place after it was written.

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