Something Looks A Little Different Here…

YES! We have changed our appearance. Spring fast approaches and with it comes Spring cleaning. We’ve done some cleaning of our own. First up is Mimbo, by Darren Hoyt, which provides a magazine oriented style.

The CWF Game Cast wishes to reflect its maturation from a personal blog to a gaming news blog supported by members of the industry. We refocused our purview, redesigned our logos, and restarted our podcast. We renamed it to reflect our changes. The right new theme, in our case Mimbo, simplifies navigation and our process of conveying information.

Mimbo highlights key information for visitors. The most recent article takes center stage. Links to Monty & the Fox’s Wargaming Show, War at Sea Digitization Project, and the Editor’s Choice Award sit above the masthead. A search bar awaits your input to retrieve content from the vault. RSS feed links can be found in a sidebar at right. That sidebar includes a wealth of information. Links to our sponsors, our affiliations, our friends, and our Facebook page are just a few of the valuable resources. It culminates with Recent Posts, Recent Comments, and our Twitter feed.

On the left of the page you will find Featured content. This is usually a handful of articles pertaining to Contents, Announcements, and our Podcast.

2 Comments on “Something Looks A Little Different Here…”

    1. Jonathan J. Reinhart Post author

      Gah! Bad WordPress. Bad! I meant to make it a medium image and it came out extra large. That’d be great for Hagrid but not so much for us. Martin, thanks for posting the comment. I resized the image.