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iTunes Problems Updated

Some listeners have complained that iTunes is not updating properly. It will show the description of the latest show but it will not have the latest show to match. To fix try one of the following: 1) Unsubscribe and delete all local copies of our show in the iTunes directory… Read More»

Addendum: The Future of Gaming 2

Earlier I posted a lengthy article about the future of gaming and a new GW store opening in Illinois. In that article I mentioned a delightful blog article with predictions for 2007. I have come across a more recent posting, May 4th on that blog entitled “Followup: 2007 Game Industry… Read More»

More Dead Computer Info & New Computer Info

I’m still saving up for a new computer, and once I get a new job I’ll be able to afford it. For the time being my laptop won’t serve for podcasting. I am looking into other options and will have something for everyone soon. While the podcast is on this… Read More»

Dead Computer Update

My computer is thoroughly deceased. It will be some time before I can purchase a new one as I’m out of work and saving my money. However, I found an old laptop of mine to use. It doesn’t work very fast, can’t play games on it or do a lot… Read More»

Dead Computer = No Podcast

When I woke this morning my computer had been dead. That computer has all my podcasting files and programs on it. I intended to put out a podcast today but that will not happen. I apologize for the delay. I’m working to come up with a solution. Hopefully, I’ll be… Read More»