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First Glance: Battlegames Magazine #26

We’re reviving First Glance, which is the third of our magazine series together with Quick Picks and Inside. Today we’re covering Battlegames Magazine #26. This issue heralds some big changes for Battlegames. It features some great content. Speaking of which let’s get into our first glance. Cover: That is a… Read More»

CWF Game Cast Episode 59: Wargaming Magazine Extravaganza

Host Jonathan J. Reinhart debuts the new show sans former co-host Tom Barbalet. As usual the episode begins with Jonathan’s week in gaming. He played a couple introductory games of Flames of War. Cort Naegelin receives another mention for lending issues of The Courier. Jonathan highlights issue 65 of that… Read More»

CWF Game Cast Episode 58: Henry Hyde and Battlegames Magazine

Host Jonathan J. Reinhart and guest Henry Hyde, editor of Battlegames Magazine, discuss a myriad of topics. Jonathan gets Henry to reveal some of his background, musical talent, and an explanation on why Battlegames Magazine stands out. The short answer is, “words.” This gargantuan episode clocks in at over 2… Read More»

Battlegames Magazine #26 Quick Picks

Title: Battlegames Magazine Cost: 9 GBP or approx $14.73 USD (outside of Europe) We scoured the latest issue of Battlegames Magazine and have chosen 5 Quick Picks for your perusal. If you hate reading the entire mag, have a short attention span, or just want the best here’s 5 sections… Read More»

Inside Battlegames Magazine #26

Title: Battlegames Magazine Cost: 9 GBP or approx $14.73 USD (outside of Europe) Wondering if the new Battlegames is worth purchasing? The table of contents below tells you what issue #26 covers. There’s plenty of thought-provoking content on generalship and DBA. This month has 56 pages of Battlegames goodness to… Read More»