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Panzergrenadiers Reporting For Duty

For a change of pace I painted my Panzergrenadier Platoon for Flames of War. I’ve had Flames of War models since the game first came out back in 2002. But, I’m now finally finishing my first army. Other projects caused this to be pushed back. A gaming buddy, John, is… Read More»

Artillery Barrage at the Ready

The 6pdr’s lure was too much for me. The intention was for me to finish the first Militia unit chronicled in numerous Painting articles. I would paint the remaining militia for the first unit, including the unit leader with his accompanying musician and standard bearer, and then reward myself by… Read More»

Name the Podcast Deux

UPDATED: 9/12/11 The contest is now closed.  A winning name was chosen. We’re running another Name the Podcast contest. Tom’s departure also sees “Monty & the Fox’s Wargaming Show” going the way of the dodo. Got a cool name for the show? Send it via e-mail to Enter as… Read More»

CWF Game Cast Episode 60: Local Events Roundup

Host Jonathan J. Reinhart begins as usual his week in gaming. He updates the happenings in the monthly Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition he plays with Drew McCarthy and his friends. Jonathan updates listeners on the status of his Flames of War army. Dispatches from headquarters are shared announcing a… Read More»

Painting AWI American Militia Update

Work is progressing on my American War of Independence (AWI) American Militia army for use with Warlord Games’ Black Powder rules by Rick Priestley et al. I have completed the next batch of six militia men. They were painted differently from the first batch as part of portraying the ragtag… Read More»