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First Glance: White Dwarf #344 September 2008

We bring you another article in our First Glance series.  This time we’re covering White Dwarf #344 for September 2008. Talk about an incredible issue, seriously.  Before I get into the usual content I need to say that a friend of mine discovered something truly amazing about this particular issue.… Read More»

WordPress 2.6.1 Update Completed Plug Plugin Upgrades

The CWF Game Cast has completed its update from its 2.6.1 version of WordPress to 2.6.2. Why do this, you may ask. Instead of trying to explain it all to you, the WordPress people did a great job of it already. Please read WordPress 2.6.2 at the official WordPress blog.… Read More»

War at Sea: Picture Card Gallery

This is the complete War at Sea Picture Gallery. It shows all cards personally scanned in by me at 600dpi per card. Please note all our stat card scans (including these) are released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share alike 3.0 Unported license (as is everything on this blog). You must… Read More»

Monsterpocalypse Arrives in Dedham: Lots of Pictures

Monsterpocalypse was a big hit at GenCon Indy 2008 and rightly so.  Great looking models, solid rules, and great support from a classy gaming company.  The game doesn’t officially release until later this year but who can wait until the Autumn?  Not I and to that end I now have… Read More»

A Year Ago Today: August 2007

Sometimes called a blast from the past, or remember when, we have our own time traveling series titled A Year Ago Today.  This shows you what we were doing on the blog one year ago.  We started this on February 7, 2008 in our enhanced podcast, now on hiatus, in… Read More»