Q&A with CWF Admin Philip Part 2

Continuing from Part 1, here is the conclusion to the Q&A session with CWF Admin Philip.

^Raven^: What got you into gaming?

Philip: Originally I joined a gaming club at my high school to play Magic the Gathering. People there also played 40K, which appealed visually.

^Raven^: What games do you play and what armies for each system?

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Q&A with CWF Admin Philip Part 1

Disclaimer – This Q&A session was held with CWF Administrator, Phlip (Asmodai), on 8/8/06. It has been split into two postings due to its length. In the belief of full disclosure please note that I have known Philip for years. Additionally, Philip worked for/with me at CWF when I ran the forum. Philip also works for CWF Game Discussions and has some articles forthcoming.

  • ^Raven^ = ^Raven^ for CWF
  • = Philip for CWF Forums

^Raven^: What was the Chromiates Wargaming Forums?

Philip: The forums were original intended to focus Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 and offer rumours, new, tips and strategies in the same sort of model as Portent/Warseer or Dakka Dakka.

We were never as big as those places, but we did have a pretty active community. Over time both Raven and I lost interest in GW games so the focus shifted and became more about wargaming in general. The personalities stayed the same, but the focus shifted a little bit.

^Raven^: How did you get involved with CWF?

Philip: I found out about CWF through Dakka Dakka. One of the people I knew on that forum had recently joined CWF and he invited me to come over. I liked the place and was looking for another forum so I decided to stay.

^Raven^: Do you remember what you liked the most on first impression?

Philip: I liked that it was a smaller place and there seemed to be more of a feel of community.

^Raven^: How long were you involved with CWF?

Philip: Almost four years I think. Hard to remember exact dates though.

^Raven^: When did you become part of staff?

Philip: I became a mod in the 40K section about a week after joining. The forum was new at that point and positions were just starting to fill up. I became a general mod after 3 months or so and admin about a year and a bit after joining

^Raven^: What did your duties basically consist of?

Philip: Being a mod or admin really isn’t all that exciting. Mostly it was just trying to keep discussion active. Occassionally it was necessary to clear out spam posts or tell someone to tone it down, but that was only a few minutes each day.

^Raven^: What other online communities are you involved with?

Philip: I’m a member of Dakka Dakka, but I’ve been inactive for the last six months or so. I post on RPG.net occassionally. I’m most active with the JPOP forum jphip.com, where I’m a mod and IRC op.

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Q&A with Warvault Owner Angron Part 2

Continuing from Part 1, here is the conclusion to the Q&A session with Warvault Owner Angron.

CWF: What got you into gaming?

Ang: My cousin, when I was about 7. He was… well, some age older than me, and played 2nd ed 40k. I learnt the rules, the fluff, got into Tyranids… then Marines, then Orks, then everyone else until I finally hit my army, Chaos. I’ve been playing ever since Dark Millenium.

CWF: What game systems do you play and what armies do you play in each system?

Ang: Chaos, Eldar, Witch Hunters and Daemonhunters in 40k, Dark Elves and Khornate Chaos Mortals in Fantasy. I’ve been toying with Dark Age and Confrontation for a while, as well as owning a copy of the ST rulebook, sent to me for free courtesy of Mongoose Publishing. Only time stops me!

CWF: What are some of the game companies WV hooked up with?

Ang: We’re officially endorsed by Rackham, well on the way with Mongoose… working with North Star Games’s Projekt X, Privateer Press, Dark Age Games, and Red Star Games (Andy Chambers’ solo company, now defunct).

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Q&A with Warvault Owner Angron Part 1

Disclaimer – This Q&A session was held with Warvault.net owner, Angron, on 7/30/06. It has been split into two postings due to its length. In the belief of full disclosure please note that I have known Angron for years. Additionally, wargamingforums.com is a member of Warvault.net (henceforth called WV) and I have and continue to be a member of other forums that members of WV also belong to. Lastly, until several months ago I was a Mongoose Infantryman doing demos for Mongoose Publishing (MGP). I no longer am affiliated with MGP.

  • ^Raven^ = ^Raven^ for CWF
  • = Angron, Owner of Warvault.net

CWF: The online gaming community has buzz on a project called Warvault. What is Warvault?

Ang: I could be here for hours trying to explain it all, but the simple term we’ve always used is a ‘next generation database’. Warvault is a toplist for all miniatures sites, be they fansites, forums, blogs, companies or online stores. With two toplists, forums, and all sorts of gubbinz, Warvault hopes basically to be the hub of minis on the net

CWF: If I may put words in your mouth, Warvault is combining all the traditional online venues into a single location from which visitors can access a diverse array of gaming related communities. Is that correct?

Ang: That seems like a suitably apt way of describing Warvault. I’ve never been good at rounding my thoughts down into such a concise statement, but you’re pretty much spot on.

CWF: How long have you been involved with WV?

Ang: I’ve been with Warvault since early September 2005, as the co-creator of the project and admin all the way through. I’ve owned Warvault since May 2006.

CWF: Who was your co-creator in September 2005?

Ang: The co-creator, and essentially ‘lead-designer’, was Brannick, one of the old Chiefs from Imperial Literature (indeed, he gave up his ImpLit position to focus on Warvault). He came up with the idea of Warvault in the first place, though it must be said his original design differed a whole lot to the WV we know and love now.

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Grand Theft Auto Vice City

Rockstar Games hit it big when they released Grand Theft Auto. Back then the game was 2D, which is to say two dimensional, and popular on the PC and Playstation platforms. The first incarnation was buggy but they made vast improvements when they released Grand Theft Auto 2, another top down 2D game and my second favorite in the series. Along came Grand Theft Auto 3 and the whole world tuned in with an opinion on the game, its violence, its sex, and its ability to let gamers do whatever they wanted.

Vice City is my favorite because it is the first GTA with period music, and music I really enjoy, plus it offers some sweet features like a wider array of weaponry and the ability to fly helicopters and drive motorcycles.

I’ve played Vice City ever since it came out, many moons ago as far as video games are concerned, and yet I’ve never beaten it. The plot, from its Wikipedia entry, is as such:

The player takes the role of Tommy Vercetti, who has recently been released from prison in Liberty City. While attempting to re-establish himself within the Forelli Mafia family, local boss Sonny Forelli sends Tommy to Vice City to supervise an important drug deal. At the exchange, masked gunmen kill several of the people involved in the trade, stealing both the drugs and the money Tommy was charged with protecting. Vercetti narrowly escapes and informs Sonny, who demands that Tommy get back both the “product” and the money. Both Sonny and Tommy wish to kill those responsible for the theft.

Much of the action in Vice City concerns Vercetti’s burgeoning criminal empire, spanning drug trafficking, murder for hire, counterfeiting, and protection. The player progresses through the game narrative by performing a series of missions, most of which involve criminal activities. This takes Vercetti from being a small-time hood staying in a beachfront hotel to being the city’s crime kingpin, but Sonny is looming over Tommy until he finally comes down to get his stuff personally.

As to my being stuck in the game I am beseeching everyone for some assistance. I need to rescue Lance in the junkyard. Every time I race there in a car, drive through the the waiting guards, and shoot anyone in the hangar I end up getting gunned down by some mysterious shooter.
Great game though. Lots of different choices. I know from previous experience that once Lance is rescued and you kill Diaz a lot looks up. You get a cool mansion with a helipad and room for lots of cars in the garage. You start earning 50 grand from the mansion. You can then start buying more properties including businesses that’ll earn you lots of cash, once you complete their missions.

What has your experience with Vice City been? What’s your favorite GTA game? Why?

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