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WP 2.5 Woes

There are a lot of nice features in WP 2.5.  The increased stability and functionality are also major boosts.  But, there are also some drawbacks.  For us, there has been a very irritating problem when using the Write Post ability. That is a major concern because that is the way… Read More»

Server Move Information = No Podcast?

The massive server move is on our doorstep.  We have signed up with BlueHost, it is a long story…don’t ask, and have already transferred two domains onto their servers.  We will be moving this domain no later than Friday.  It is possible that this domain will be moved late Wednesday… Read More»

WordPress 2.5 Will NOT Be Released on St. Patrick’s Day

Normally I wouldn’t post WordPress news here because we’re focused on gaming. But, WordPress is our platform for the blog and I’ve been talking about WP 2.5 for months now. According to the WordPress Testers mailing list, which is where people who beta test new versions of WordPress, WordPress 2.5… Read More»