Monthly Archives: August 2006

CWF-2006-08-31 Solo-Cast w/ Tomb Kings & Listener Feedback

This is our last Solo-Cast before Angron joins the show, I promise. We are talking about Warhammer Fantasy Tomb Kings and Listener Feedback. We’ve also discontinued the “how many times did he say uh” game due to lack of funniness and participation. If we had a suitable car crash sound… Read More»

Foray into Tomb Kings w/ Tutankhanut Conversion

Greetings guys and gals! As most of you won’t know I’m really into Warhammer Fantasy. I have several armies, all listed on our About Team CWF page, and I want to start another. I chose the Tomb Kings. When I started Vampire Counts, I field an Army of Sylvania group,… Read More»

Pre-Painted Models Way of Future for Starship Troopers

This is an URGENT posting. I found out today, on very good information like so good I can’t tell you the how or why but I can tell you this is 210% FACT and WILL happen, that Mongoose Publishing is drastically changing how it handles its Starship Troopers Miniatures game.… Read More»

CWF-2006-08-27 Impromptu Solo-cast w/GW Army Book Release Dates

Apologies for the rough nature of today’s cast. It was originally canceled due to family obligations on Angron’s part and political obligations on mine. At the last moment I was able to throw this together and figured people would prefer that over nothing. I share my thoughts on the rumored… Read More»

No Duo-Cast Today Solo-Cast Today

Our apologies for the lack of a podcast today. Angron was called away on family obligations and I’ve been called away on political duties. Please check back for the next scheduled Duo-Cast on next Sunday. We’re really sorry for the delay. There will be a podcast today. It will be… Read More»