Monthly Archives: April 2009

War at Sea Factory Mistake = Stellar Customer Service

Far too often we as customers hear, or participate in, stories teeming with dismal customer service.  That is why I was frustrated on opening a War at Sea Base Set booster and seeing a factor mistake. Back in the end of March I received an order from TheWarstore, run by… Read More»

Flames of War Newsletter April 16, 2009

Check out the latest newsletter from Flames of War. There’s lots of great new releases and content for all your Flames of War needs.         The Flames Of War and Battlefront Miniatures website. New to Flames Of War?  Want to find out more? Pack up your old kit bag;  you’re… Read More»

Changes to User Registrations

This is a bit of housekeeping business to handle.  We try to keep this to a minimum but this is important for all users, both those with and without FREE membership accounts, to know. We have experienced some difficulties with the registration format.  It caused some problems for new members… Read More»

Chester French & Clinton Sparks Present: Jacques Jams, Vol. 1: Endurance Mixtape

Chester French, the famous Harvard duo we first shared with you back in December 2006 with Local Band: Chester French and again with Chester French She Loves Everybody Music Video this past February, has released a pre-debut album. The album is titled Jacques Jams, Vol. 1: Endurance and is a… Read More»