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I’ve Got a Golden Ticket

With delight, happiness, and joy I announce the conclusion of the Name the Podcast Deux Contest.  Almost 30 potential names were submitted.  They range from Games for Gamers and Doughboy’s Telegraph to Wargaming Recon and Intercourse of the War Gamer. The winning name is Wargaming Recon!  It is a name… Read More»

CWF Game Cast Episode 62: The Battle of Abington

Host Jonathan J. Reinhart releases a short show. The episode begins, unusually, with Dispatches from HQ. This is the LAST episode before Jonathan’s move. New episodes will officially commence on September 1st, but might appear sooner if possible. After the move the show will have one other change. It will… Read More»

CWF Game Cast Episode 61: Bailey Records Music to Game By

Host Jonathan J. Reinhart and guest host Drew McCarthy begin with the usual week in gaming. Drew mentions dropping from a weekly RPG he was participating in. Jonathan announces dropping from the the monthly Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition he played with Drew McCarthy and his friends. Additionally, he discussed… Read More»

FREE Huzzah Con 2011 T-Shirt Giveaway

What’s this? FREE t-shirts from Huzzah Con 2011! ZOMFG! You can have your very own FREE t-shirt from Huzzah Con 2011. These are the very last t-shirts from this con that anyone, anywhere on the planet, can get their hands on. If you want one of the t-shirts follow these… Read More»

Name the Podcast Deux

UPDATED: 9/12/11 The contest is now closed.  A winning name was chosen. We’re running another Name the Podcast contest. Tom’s departure also sees “Monty & the Fox’s Wargaming Show” going the way of the dodo. Got a cool name for the show? Send it via e-mail to Enter as… Read More»