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CWF Game Cast Episode 60: Local Events Roundup

Host Jonathan J. Reinhart begins as usual his week in gaming. He updates the happenings in the monthly Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition he plays with Drew McCarthy and his friends. Jonathan updates listeners on the status of his Flames of War army. Dispatches from headquarters are shared announcing a… Read More»

CWF Game Cast Episode 51 FIXED: Black Powder Explosion

FIXED version of Episode 51. iTunes only shows 1 second of audio. This new entry is the full Episode 51. If you previously downloaded Episode 51 you got the bad version. Please download this version. This only impacts those who download episodes via iTunes. We are very sorry for the… Read More»

CWF Game Cast Episode 51: Black Powder Explosion

Co-hosts Jonathan J. Reinhart and Tom Barbalet record together for the first time since Jonathan was sick with the zombie flu (actually, a severe respiratory virus that grossly exacerbated his asthma). As usual the week in wargaming is discussed. Most of it is focused on Black Powder, which the dynamic… Read More»