Inside White Dwarf #334 Nov. 07

Wondering if the new WD is worth purchasing? The table of contents below tells you what issue #333 covers. There’s plenty of great High Elf coverage along with a kickass assembly walkthrough for the new plastic Baneblade.

Also included is a 15 page Gift Ideas booklet with holiday gift suggestions covering 40k, Fantasy, and LoTR.

  • Chosen of Asuryan p. 27 New High Elves
  • Design Notes p. 28 “We talk to Adam Troke and find out what delights can be found within the latest Warhammer army book.”
  • Battle Report: Invasion of Yvresse p. 46 “An Orc horde sweeps across the realm of Yvresse, and Ulthuan’s finest ride to stop them!”
  • New Releases p. 2 “All the latest models from the Citadel forges.”
  • News p. 22 “Waaagh! The Space Orks are coming!”
  • Standard Bearer p. 66 “Jervis looks at the High Elves, and discusses the finer points of games design.”
  • Citadel Toolbox p. 69 “In this special extended Toolbox, we look at the brand new Citadel Hobby Tools range.”
  • Cities Shall Fall! (Part One) p. 74 “Andy Hoare presents the first part of an apocalyptic cityfighting campaign.”
  • The Lord of the Rings Tactica: Monsters p. 80 “Mat Ward reveals some fiendish ploys.”
  • Modelling Workshop: Baneblade (Part One) p. 86 “Getting the most out of the Baneblade plastic kit, by master modeller Mark Jones.”
  • Eavy Metal Masterclass: High Elf Prince p. 94 “The new High Elf Prince gets the expert treatment.”
  • Chicago Golden Demon p. 100 “The best painters from Chicago Games Day!”
  • Frontline p. 116 “The latest events and activities near you!”
  • Ordering Direct p. 130 “Taking the effort ot of shopping.”

WordPress 2.3.1 Update

The CWF Game Cast updated from its 2.3 version of WordPress to 2.3.1 today. Why do this, you may ask. Instead of trying to explain it all to you, the WordPress people did a great job of it already.

Please read WordPress 2.3.1 at the official WordPress blog. That explains all the reasons why we upgraded. But, basically, we did it for the link importer and security fix.

Are You Ready for Some Paintball? Again!

Recently we discussed my friends and I getting back into paintball in the article, Are You Ready for Some Paintball? Now we have an update. A big shout out goes to Boston Paintball in Whitman who spent a heap of time helping me pick out equipment and answering questions.

My Spyder Sport was upgraded with a 14 in blue aluminum Proto barrel. The barrel is a one piece construction featuring straight porting to increase accuracy while making it quieter than ever before. Not bad for $29.99. (Click the pic for a closer look)

Next up was some protection for myself. This came in the form of a pair of JT Body Force kneepads. Rolling around in the ground and diving to avoid incoming fire is bad on the knees. Decent protection cost only $9.99. (Click the pic for a closer look)

I also needed a barrel sock because fields, now, don’t let players use the plugs. One lime green PMI barrel sock fit the bill at just $4.99.

Last, but not least, is a pair of black Empire Contact SE Player Gloves. Costing $39.99 they were my most expensive purchase but they fit like a glove, no pun intended, and will serve me well in the field. (Click the pic for a closer look)

Now all I need is an athletic supporter, don’t want to get hit in the groin with a paintball, squeegee, oil, and other necessary spare parts/maintenance equipment. I think I also want to purchase a harness and spare paintball holders. It’d suck to run out of ammo in a game.

Are You Ready for Some Paintball?

Paintball? Why the heck are we discussing paintball on a gaming blog? Aren’t gamers under or over weight asthmatics who cannot do anything remotely considered exercise like walking up/down stairs?

Those are the usual questions I receive when I told people I wanted to discuss paintball on this blog. That gamer stereotype, while often true in the people I see, is a negative pigeonholing of people and isn’t always true. Many gamers that I know love paintball and FPS like Halo or Counter Strike. Think of paintball as life imitating art.

Several of my friends and I are gearing up for our first paintball outing. I dug out my paintball gear, cleaned it up, and made a shopping list. My paintball marker is a Kingman Spyder Sport semi-automatic (click below pic for closer look).

If you’re starting paintball as a casual player, like myself, I suggest reading the Atomic Paintball Reviews “Finding the Perfect Marker for Beginners” article.

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Poll: Monthly Gaming Expenditures?

How much do you spend each month on gaming?  New models, dice, board games, CCGs, boosters, and all the other product to go with it.  It adds up and becomes costly in a hurry.

Our new poll hopes to gauge how much, on average, a gamer spends each month to game.

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