Monthly Archives: March 2008

WordPress 2.5 RC1 Update Complete

The CWF Game Cast has completed its update from its 2.3.3 version of WordPress to 2.5 RC1. Why do this, you may ask. Instead of trying to explain it all to you, the WordPress people did a great job of it already. Please read 2.5 Sneak Peek at the official… Read More»

GW Army Release Dates

This was originally a page on this blog. We have since re-evaluated it and determined it works better as an article.  This has the added benefit of allowing us to tag it so you can find this more easily.  If you originally linked people to GW Army Release Dates please… Read More»

Server Move Complete

This was originally posted on Thursday March 20th. The reason why the date is different is a result of having to fix a problem with the blog after the big move. Hello everyone. We are proud to announce the server move is completed. We are now located on our account… Read More»

Server Move Information = No Podcast?

The massive server move is on our doorstep.  We have signed up with BlueHost, it is a long story…don’t ask, and have already transferred two domains onto their servers.  We will be moving this domain no later than Friday.  It is possible that this domain will be moved late Wednesday… Read More»

Twitter Updates for 2008-03-18

Reading No Quarter #17 March 2008 in preparation of a new article on the blog at # Wondering when WP will announce news on WP 2.5 release date. Clearly it isn’t happening today. :( # Powered by Twitter Tools.