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Monsterpocalypse Blog

Privateer Press sent a recent e-mail about their upcoming game Monsterpocalypse.  Everyone who signed up for Monsterpocalypse news should have received the e-mail.  It contained some exciting news about a new blog devoted to the game. Below you can see the entire e-mail they sent.  It is quite interesting.  … Read More»

SW Minis – Jabba’s Palace Quest

Over the past few weeks I’ve re-immersed myself in SW Minis with a goal in mind.  I’ve chosen to collect figures with certain themes and then display those figures.  My first theme is Jabba’s Palace.  I want to collect any and all figures from Return of the Jedi that existed… Read More»

GW’s Flavor of the Month

GW seems to be mending their less than friendly customer relations. Good product, better customer relations, better content in WD. Win, win, win. Right? WD #334 was a really good issue. It had some great Apocalypse and High Elf coverage plus a useful LoTR article that can be helpful in… Read More»

Star Wars Minis – Battle of Hoth Update

Last November we showed you the new Battle of Hoth scenario pack for SW Minis. It comes complete with a re-painted AT-ST, Hologram General Veers, Snowspeeder, and other figures. This includes 17 non-randomized figures (2 very rare, 6 rare, 4 uncommon, 5 common), map, rules, life counter sheet, and a… Read More»