^Raven^ Plays World of Warcraft

I’ve finally climbed from under the rock shielding me from World of Warcraft all these years. I downloaded a free trial for my Mac yesterday and have been playing it in my spare time. It is stunning! I am playing Rajzar the Troll Mage who lives for the Horde. So far I’m a level 8 mage, using Fire and Frost, with a First Aid profession. That’ll come in handy…right?

I’ve vanquished tigers, harpies, undersea shelfish people, and crazy evil trolls. The highlight of tonight was vanquishing a lvl 10 Troll Mage for my quest. He was tough but worth it. My first night out I met a new person online who is an Orc Warrior. He is quite friendly and we’ve teamed up to do our quests together. We’re both level 8, now, and it is fun to see our characters grow. Last night my friend Steve, who is an uber level Warlock, joined us and used his Daemons to help us kill the human sailors that had invaded our homeland.

Each night before I sign out I go back to my home via my hearthstone. Then I find a comfy spot to curl up and sleep. Tonight when I did that I noticed something funny, to me at least, and thought I’d share it with all of you. Who knew Trolls liked to hide under pillows when they slept?  Be sure to click the pic for a larger version.

Sleepy Troll

Apocalypse Pics from Battleground Part 1

Battleground Games Logo

The first images have started to arrive from the Apocalypse Mega-Battle held at Battleground Games on Saturday, January 7th. The event was a huge success with lots of carnage and explosions. We will be sharing pictures, video, and audio from the event with you as it is made available to us.

The images below were posted on the official Battleground Games message board by moosifer37. He also came up with the great captions. Be sure to head over to the official BG forum to see the original images and all the new stuff people are posting.

If you have any pics, video, or audio from the event please send it attached in an e-mail to cwfgamecast [at] wargamingforums [dot] com.

heroic pose web

This one is after the valiant and heroic stand near the tower objective. Not pictured is the brother captain’s forces who perished in the assault but is not forgotten.

standing web

Here is the space marine chapter loki’s chosen standing up to an iron warrior line breaker squadron.

standing after

As you can see the earth still shakes after the vicious linebreaker attack, with soo many battle brothers dead.

top gun

I call this one the top gun view from a chaos fighter going a billion miles an hour.

LoTR: Harad Releases

Here’s some LoTR Harad releases. There’s lots of great pics here and we hope you enjoy them all.









White Dwarf #336 Quick Picks

We scoured the new WD and have chosen 5 Quick Picks for your perusal. If you hate reading the entire mag, have a short attention span, or just want the best here’s 5 sections you can’t miss. Our top pick is the Design Studio A Year in Review/What the Future Holds.

Don’t forget to read the complete table of contents for WD #336 from our article Inside White Dwarf #336 Jan. 2008.

  1. Tactica Aeronautica p. 15. Nice expansion for Forgeworld’s Aeronautica Imperialis. Provides a clix atmosphere to 40k air combat and adds a healthy dose of Tau.
  2. Waaagh! Da Orks: Design Notes p. 22-35. The who, what, when, where, how and why of the new Orks. This is complete with sample list, breakdown or sprues, and painting guide. It is a one stop overview for all Ork Warbosses.
  3. Design Studio: A Year in Review/What the Future Holds p. 60-65. If you spent 2007 on Mars you missed all the great GW achievements. Improved customer service, Apocalypse, and tons of codices just to name a few. A terrific peek at 2008’s many surprises is included too!
  4. Lord of the Rings: Movie Moments p. 66-71. This pick is dedicated to scoper22 who reminded us of how kickass LotR is. The game is all about the epic, in value or scope, moments portrayed on screen. You will get loads of ideas for recreating your favorite movie moments in this wonderful article.
  5. Warhammer Tactica: Flying Creatures p. 84-89. Much ink has been devoted to 40k of late. But, we mustn’t forget Warhammer Fantasy. Flying monsters are terrifying if used properly. Thankfully this article will set you on the straight and narrow.

Inside White Dwarf #336 Jan. 2008

Wondering if the new WD is worth purchasing? The table of contents below tells you what issue #336 covers. There’s plenty of Waaagh! coverage along with lots of new goodness.

This month has 119 pages of Games Workshop goodness to feast your eyes on. Use the below table of contents and Quick Picks, in an upcoming post, to guide your visual appetite.

  • Waaagh! Da Orks: Design Notes p. 22 “Phil Kelly reveals why the new Warhammer 40000 Ork Codex is ‘da best one ever!'”
  • Waaagh! Da Orks: 40k Battle Report: Da Tale of Two Bosses p. 40 “Ork Warbosses Brainbiter and Gitkilla are set to unite to form a mighty Waaagh! Can Tigurius stop them?”
  • New Releases p. 2 “All the latest models from the Citadel forges.”
  • News p. 16 “Quake in fear! The Vampires are coming…”
  • Design Studio: The Road Ahead p. 60 “A look at what’s coming up in 2008.”
  • The Lord of the Rings: Movie Moments p. 66 “Inspirational scenes for your battle games.”
  • New Citadel Range p. 74 “We ring in the changes to the Citadel range.”
  • Standard Bearer p. 80 “Jervis invites you to try a game or three.”
  • Warhammer Tactica: Flying Creatures p. 84 “Introducing some low cunning for high flyers.”
  • Painting Masterclass: Eltharion The Grim p. 90 “The Warden of Tor Ybresse, step-by-step.”
  • Toolbox p. 99 “Plastic Cutters.”
  • Frontline p. 100 “The latest events and activities near you!”
  • Ordering Direct p. 114 “Fast, secure mail orders straight to your door.”