Monthly Archives: May 2007

Games Workshop New Store & The Future of Gaming

Like everyone who subscribes to the Webway, GW’s online e-newsletter, I was alerted to the opening of a new store in Oak Park, Illinois. The announcement declared the grand opening wouldn’t occur when GW originally promised. I won’t get into the irony of a GW store grand opening not happening… Read More»

War at Sea League @ Battleground Games

Battleground Games in Abington is the FLGS where I have the pleasure to play War at Sea with a small but friendly crowd. John, the guy who has been pushing War at Sea from the start, has also been trying to get a league going. I’m the new guy but… Read More»

Axis & Allies War At Sea Axis U-Boat Terror

Recently in the podcast I’ve been talking about the War at Sea Collectible Mini game. I thought I’d take this opportunity to spend a little more time on the game. I’m going to discuss a 100pt Axis fleet I made and also the scarcity of the game. The fleet I… Read More»

More Dead Computer Info & New Computer Info

I’m still saving up for a new computer, and once I get a new job I’ll be able to afford it. For the time being my laptop won’t serve for podcasting. I am looking into other options and will have something for everyone soon. While the podcast is on this… Read More»