Monthly Archives: April 2008

Rising Phoenix Games Board Games Day April 19 by TotalCon

The big board games day at Rising Phoenix Games is fast approaching.  April 19th is the date to watch for when TotalCon sponsors a gigantic all day long event.  You can bring your own games or you can tap into the gigantic TotalCon library.  They are bringing Power Grid, Puerto Rico,… Read More»

Monsterpocalypse Blog

Privateer Press sent a recent e-mail about their upcoming game Monsterpocalypse.  Everyone who signed up for Monsterpocalypse news should have received the e-mail.  It contained some exciting news about a new blog devoted to the game. Below you can see the entire e-mail they sent.  It is quite interesting.  … Read More»

SW Minis – Jabba’s Palace Quest

Over the past few weeks I’ve re-immersed myself in SW Minis with a goal in mind.  I’ve chosen to collect figures with certain themes and then display those figures.  My first theme is Jabba’s Palace.  I want to collect any and all figures from Return of the Jedi that existed… Read More»

WP 2.5 Woes

There are a lot of nice features in WP 2.5.  The increased stability and functionality are also major boosts.  But, there are also some drawbacks.  For us, there has been a very irritating problem when using the Write Post ability. That is a major concern because that is the way… Read More»