Category: Announcements Renews Sponsorship of Wargaming Recon

With pleasure I can announce that has agreed to renew its sponsorship of Wargaming Recon for another year. Their support is invaluable to our mission of sharing historical and New England gaming with you through our podcast. If you are looking for the best online vendor for the cheapest… Read More»

Wargaming Recon Holiday Schedule

With the holidays here all of our lives become a little crazy. We spend more time with friends and families. We spend more time decorating the tree, lighting the menorah, and planning our local Festivus. Like you, I will be increasingly busy and that necessitates a little vacation from podcasting.… Read More»

WargameVault/DriveThruRPG Podcast Program

With delight I can announce that we are finally a member of the WargameVault (affiliate link)/ (affiliate link) Podcast Program. Back in February I submitted an application to join the program but never heard back. Turns out that was a snafu and the program coordinator recently activated everything. What this… Read More»

FREE Devious NPCs & Curious Creatures

Ben Gerber, owner of Troll in the Corner, is showing his thanks for all the help people gave concerning the hacking, read more at What the hell?, by making his Devious NPCs & Curious Creatures PDF FREE for eternity. You can get your FREE copy below.

Amended (Un)Realistic Goals for 2012

In January I created my (Un)Realistic Goals for 2012. The 10 goals cover a range of activities from marketing to rewards to community building to self improvement. Now that six months have passed, it is a good opportunity to reflect on the goals. Here’s what the goals looked like in… Read More»