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War at Sea: UK vs Germany Battle Report

Wednesday evenings are War at Sea night at Battleground Games in Abington.  Tonight I thought it’d be fun to record my game and write it up as a battle report.  I brought my digital camera with the hopes of taking pictures.  For some reason it wouldn’t work at the store.… Read More»

Combat Storm Free Download Terrain Building Pack 2

Back in January we shared information on a new FREE building pack for Combat Storm. We even shared a video tutorial, crafted by Dave Reiter, to show you how to construct the buildings in the pack. Today I received another e-mail from Dave Reiter, one of the geniuses at Strategy… Read More»

Steam punk Dragon of Tzeentch

This is one of the nicest steam punk models we’ve ever seen for WFB. There are many more pictures at the link below. Steam punk Dragon of Tzeentch

War at Sea: Task Force FAQ

Wizards has released an official FAQ for Task Force, which is the new War at Sea release.  The game became available for sale this past Friday and prompted lots of discussion regarding hopeful misprints. Thankfully Wizards heard the dissent and answered the questions in their document.  We’ve turned their FAQ… Read More»

War at Sea Scenario: In Harm’s Way

On Saturday last we discussed the 1st official War at Sea Scenario by Wizards of the Coast.  Action Deferred: The Battle of Cape Teulada pitted the British versus the Italians in the Med Sea. Before that we shared the scenario Lions, Tigers, and Bears: The Battle at the North Cape. This… Read More»