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War at Sea Scenario: Action Deferred

Awhile back we discussed Lions, Tigers, and Bears.  No, we didn’t talk about the Wizard of Oz…really.  Lions, Tigers, and Bears: The Battle at the North Cape is a War at Sea Scenario depicting The Battle at the North Cape. This time we have another official scenario to share with… Read More»

War at Sea: Task Force Opened 3+ Cases Plus Stat Cards

I am pleased to share the results of opening 3.6 cases of Task Force with all of you.  I am only missing 4 ships. Knowing my intention to blog about the contents I was prepared before I cracked any cases.  With pen and notebook at the ready I opened case… Read More»

War at Sea: Task Force Sneak Peek Stats

War at Sea: Task Force officially releases tomorrow but we’ve already shared the complete set list with all of you.  Now we have the pleasure of sharing stats for the Hellcat (USN), Haruna (IJN), Yamashiro (IJN), Musashi (IJN), King George V (UK) and Warspite (UK).  This information comes to me courtesy of… Read More»