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War at Sea: Task Force Sneak Peek Stats

War at Sea: Task Force officially releases tomorrow but we’ve already shared the complete set list with all of you.  Now we have the pleasure of sharing stats for the Hellcat (USN), Haruna (IJN), Yamashiro (IJN), Musashi (IJN), King George V (UK) and Warspite (UK).  This information comes to me courtesy of… Read More»

War at Sea: Task Force Official Set List

I am pleased to share the War at Sea Task Force (Set 2) set list with all of you.  It comes to me courtesy of Extended_Range over at Axis & Allies foruMINI with much credit going to that forum for being a great community to discuss War at Sea. I… Read More»

Battlefleet Gothic Special Torpedoes Review

At Battleground Games in Abington gamers have started to return to the realm of Battlefleet Gothic.  BFG is a great game, created by Andy Chambers, and my absolute favorite Games Workshop production.  I highly recommend reading the Wikipedia article for an overview behind the game.  Also don’t forget to get… Read More»

First Glance: White Dwarf #342 July 2008

Previously we’ve done two types of articles for each issue of White Dwarf and No Quarter magazines. We’ve crafted our Quick Picks and Inside series for each of the periodicals to help you decide the value in purchasing a particular issue. Our Quick Picks series highlight five of the best… Read More»