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THQ to Make 40k MMO

THQ, the maker of Dawn of War, recently acquired the rights from Games Workshop to the 40k universe encompassing wireless devices and all online uses. This furthers its existing rights to consoles, handheld systems, and Windows computers. The company will be making the 40k MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) at… Read More»

Warhammer Shows in College Press

California State Fullerton’s student paper, The Daily Titan, recently featured an interesting article about Warhammer entitled, Not the Green Army Men From Your Youth. The article states what those of us in the hobby already know. Building an army is an expensive and rewarding experience that can take months. Joining… Read More»

Starship Troopers PC Game Developer Bought Out

According to press releases floating around U.K. news websites Strangelight, the developer of the Starship Troopers computer game, was bought out by Rebellion last year. Now, Rebellion has added another developer, Mercury, to the fold. Mercury as you may recall is known for Archer Maclean’s Mercury and its sequels all… Read More»