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Starship Troopers = 25% off

Mongoose Publishing has announced, in a press release, that all of its Starship Troopers plastic kits will receive a 25% discount. Mongoose Publishing has reduced the prices of its Starship Troopers plastic box sets by 25%. If you are looking for a good way to bolster your MI, Arachnid or… Read More»

Absence & Return

General Douglas MacArthur once said, on his withdrawal from The Phillipines in World War 2, “I shall return” and like MacArthur to The Phillipines the CWF Game Cast has returned to the realm of internet news, blogging, radio, and podcasting. Our absence was caused by many real life obligations. The… Read More»

Impressive Eldar Warhost

Over at the Tau Online forums one of their members, Redbeard, recently posted extensive photos of his newly assembled and painted Eldar warhost. It is one of the most aesthetically impressive armies I’ve ever seen. He also took the time to use magnets for key models and vehicles to swap… Read More»

Happy New Years!

Everyone at the CWF Game Cast wishes you a very safe and happy New Years! We know you got tons of great games for the holidays, as we did, and are dying to try them out. We will be talking about them in 2007 when we reinvent the CWF Game… Read More»