Flames of War Bocage Sneak Peeks

Coming soon to you is the new Villers-Bocage set for Flames of War. Here’s some sneak peeks of 3 pre-orders. Click the pics for a closer look.

Germany Panzer Lehr Division Late War complete Army

Villers-Bocage Book

USA 7th Armored Division Late War complete Army

Creating a 40k Apocalypse Army: Giddy-up!

Going back in time to September 9, 2006 we arrive at TXG Tau for the Greater Good. That article was part of the failed CWF Game Cast Inter-System Tale of X Gamers. Although the TXG failed, the article serves as a perfect launching point for this foray into the realm of 40k Apocalypse.

Now fast forward 1 year and almost 200 articles later. I’m on a self-imposed retirement from 40k and all GW games. I’ve given up my Tomb Kings, Army of Sylvania, Empire, Beastmen, Hordes of Chaos, Space Marines, Eldar, Tau, Praetorians, Necrons, Kroot, Space Orks, and all things BFG. But wait, this article is called “Creating a 40k Apocalypse Army: Giddy-Up!” Why the heck am I telling you about my forsaken GW armies. Oh yes, now I remember. I was as unimpressed with GW as anyone could be. Didn’t spend any money on their products and bashed them repeatedly. Until I read White Dwarf 333.

WD 333 discusses Apocalypse in depth and it won me over. The ability to play where rules lawyers don’t have a toehold, where fun and sportsmanship reigns, where we can toss everything in including the kitchen sink (hey that’s a Battlewagon right?) And yes, the new plastic Baneblade had a little to do with it (ooh its so shiny and big).

After drooling over the pretty pics (please see Apocalypse Archive for the pics, not the drool) I hit my first stumbling block. What army do I play? Just 2 weekends ago I as cleaning out the basement and getting ready to throw away all my models. Do I choose one of those armies, always a work in progress, and add onto it? Or, do I start fresh?

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