LoTR: Khazad-Dum Pics

Here’s some pics from GW’s LoTR Khazad-Dum releases. Click the pics for a closer look.

Khazad-Dum Book

Clockwise from top: Dwarf Vault Warden, Moria Goblin Prowler, Mardin, and Dragon.

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Imperium Star Games – The Joust & T-Shirts

We’ve long been a supporter of the local gaming scene. This is evidenced by our publicity for Danger Planet in Waltham and Battleground Games in Abington along with the recent inclusion of Griffon Games in Greenfield.

The other day at Battleground I heard talk about one of the regulars starting a gaming company. With some research I came across Imperium Star Games, the brainchild of Adam McLaughlin. He has a lot of drive and we’re more than happy to do our part in helping Adam succeed with his dream.

Imperium Star Games (ISG for short) is a nice company. Right now they’re looking for an artist (e-mail Artwork [at] imperiumstargames [dot] com) to create the artwork for their first game titled The Joust. According to the official ISG site The Joust is “a game of jousting knights.” Players get to “take on the role of a knight in the Tournament of the King, Jousting to win the purse, the girls and mostly the Honor of being Tournament Champion.”

The Medieval Ages is great era for gaming, just look at the success of Dungeons & Dragons, and knights and jousting are a time honored entity that always attracts attention. Anyone who has ever been to King Richard’s Faire knows the excitement of jousting.

In conversation with Adam I learned that a mid-summer ’08 release is expected for the game. There’s still lots to do but this devotion to detail is a positive sign. Too often gaming companies will rush product to the shelves that is inferior. ISG is making sure to put its best foot forward with The Joust.

To help bring The Joust into production ISG has made the classic t-shirt (at left) available for pre-order. Priced at just $15, I’ve paid more for band shirts from the mall, the shirt is a slimming black with the ISG logo in green. Black looks good on everyone and as one gamer speaking from experience we, gamers, tend to be under or overweight and black makes us look nice. The logo is pretty awesome too. Pre-order your shirts now at ISG Pre-Order T-shirts. All the details are there and yes ISG takes the usual cash, check, money order, and Paypal.

I know Adam appreciates all interest in ISG. Be sure to go to the ISG Contact Page to send them an e-mail. You can also hang out at the official Message Board. Adam hangs at Battleground Games in Abington usually on Sundays. Be sure to pop in, buy some product from Derek, and talk to Adam about ISG. Make sure you tell him that the CWF Game Cast sent you.

We look forward to sharing more news about ISG with you in the future. Don’t be surprised if Adam himself makes an appearance here on the CWF Game Cast. And, don’t forget to pre-order those shirts!

40k Events @ Danger Planet Games

With the impending release of Apocalypse a lot of game stores are gearing up for the action. Danger Planet Games in Waltham has a host of events to sate your 40k appetite.

September 22nd

1,850pt Tournament w/ $10 entry fee, free lunch, and prizes too!

Check out the official tourney forum and don’t forget to register online today!

September 22nd

Apocalypse Pre-Release Party w/ door prizes, raffles, and more.

Late September

Fall ’07 40k League. Visit the 40k League Brainstorming Thread for more information.

Preview the new Codex: Chaos Marines

The new codex is behind the counter. Ask to peek through it. Then, discuss it in the Codex: Chaos Marines thread.

40k Tourney @ Griffon Games Sept. 22, 2007


Prizes for the tournament are:

1st Place – 1 Battleforce Box of your choice

2nd Place – 1 Squad Box of your choice

3rd Place – 1 Blister of your choice

From Griffon Games:

If you’re a hard-core 40K player and looking for some competition, then you’ll want to clear your Calendar for the ‘Ard Boyz Tournament on September 22nd.

Griffin Games will be hosting this regional event which will pit players from around the area and their 2500 point armies against one-another for a chance to get to the semi-finals on October 13th. Winners of the semi’s get invited to go to Baltimore in November and battle to see who is the best of the best.

Want to find out all of the rules? Then download them here (the pdf requires the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the file. You can get Acrobat Reader for FREE HERE). Then, come into the store and sign up as soon as you can. We need to get an idea of the space we’ll need to free up for the event and make arrangements for possible spillover.

Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition GenCon Presentation

A new member who came to us from Griffon Games prompted me to peruse their site. I came across a fun article showing the video of the DnD 4th Edition presentation at GenCon. Its on YouTube but here’s for easier viewing.
Enjoy Parts 1-4.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4