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Star Wars Minis – Battle of Hoth Update

Last November we showed you the new Battle of Hoth scenario pack for SW Minis. It comes complete with a re-painted AT-ST, Hologram General Veers, Snowspeeder, and other figures. This includes 17 non-randomized figures (2 very rare, 6 rare, 4 uncommon, 5 common), map, rules, life counter sheet, and a… Read More»

40k Tourney + More @ Total Confusion XXII in Mansfield

For the past 22 years the TotalCon has been providing gaming fun for New Englanders. All the major games, past and present, have made appearances at TotalCon to the delight of thousands of gamers. 40k, WFB, Warmachine, Dungeons & Dragons, Hordes, Confrontation, Starship Troopers, B5: A Call to Arms, all… Read More»

WordPress 2.3.2 Update Complete

The CWF Game Cast has completed its update from its 2.3.1 version of WordPress to 2.3.2. Why do this, you may ask. Instead of trying to explain it all to you, the WordPress people did a great job of it already. Please read WordPress 2.3.2 at the official WordPress blog.… Read More»